Squash Drills for Beginners

Squash Drills for Beginners

These squash drills are suited to the beginner player that would like to hone their skills. They are separated by skill and whether they can be performed as a solo player or in pairs. This isn’t an exhaustive list of squash drills by any means but a simplified list of tried and tested exercises.


Serve drills (solo)

  1. Practice ten lob serves from each serve box, aiming high on the front wall with the intention of landing the ball in the opposite corner, tight to the side wall and landing just before the back wall.
  2. Practice ten smash serves from each serve box. Aim hard and low with the intention of landing the ball behind the opposite service box.
  3. Practice ten a further ten smash serves from each serve box but this time with the intention of landing the ball in the center of the court, just inside the opposite quarter.


Serve drills (pairs)

  1. Each of the above solo serve drills can be practiced by one player as a set up for the second player to practice one of the shots below.


Straight drive drills (solo)

  1. Stand near the back wall and practice a straight drive using a forehand stroke against the area of the front wall directly ahead of you. The side of the court you use depends on whether you are left or right handed. If you are right handed stand on the right side, and if you are left handed stand on the left. The aim is for the ball to return to you, close to the wall and land behind the service box. Over time you should gradually reduce the size of the target area for the ball’s first bounce – go from the full width of the back corner to the width of the service box, to close proximity to the side wall.
  2. Repeat the squash drill above but stand on the opposite side and practice a straight drive with a backhand stroke.


Straight drive drills (pairs)

  1. Player 1 delivers a smash serve to player 2’s side wall. Player 2 aims to return with a forehand straight drive. Player 2 then delivers a smash serve to player 1 who aims to return with a backhand straight drive. Players then switch sides in order to cover both forehand and backhand strokes.

Boast drills (solo)

  1. Stand on one side of the court and deliver a straight forehand drive to the front wall. On the balls return hit a boast shot (a shot that hits the opposite side wall followed by the front wall). The aim is for the ball to land close to the side wall that you’re nearest to. Practice ten of these.
  2. Stand on the opposite side of the court and repeat the above squash drill switching from forehand to backhand.


Boast drills (pairs)

  1. Player 1 starts with a serve and player 2 returns with two straight drives followed by a boast. Players then swap roles from serving to returning and vice versa.
  2. As the above squash drill but switching sides of the court.
  3. Both players start this squash drill in their respective service box. Player 1 delivers a straight drive followed by a boast. Player 2 must try and return the boast with a straight drive. Players then swap roles.


Lob drills (solo)

  1. Player stands on the front line and delivers a soft drive to the front wall. On its return lob the ball high so that it lands behind the player tight to the back wall and right side wall. Repeat this drill aiming for the left side wall corner.
  2. Player stands towards the back of the court and delivers two straight drives. Player then delivers a long lob, aiming high and alternating between your target corners.


Lob drills (pairs)

  1. Player 1 stands on the front line while player 2 stands in a service box. Player 2 delivers a soft shot to the front wall so that the ball does not bounce back far. Player 1 darts forward and delivers a lob shot whilst in close proximity to the front wall. Ball should land close to the back wall.
  2. Both players stand in their respective service boxes. Player 1 delivers 2 straight drives followed by a boast. Player 2 darts across the court to the opposite side in order to perform a lob shot, sending the ball back to the corner from which they started.

Remember that these squash drills serve only to help a beginner player get to grips with the basics. There are more exhaustive lists of squash drills available for intermediate players such as this.